Nonstick Silicone Baking Mat Set [2-pack] Half-sheet Baking Pan Size & Pizza Mat - No Messy Oils - Bake Cookies, Vegetables, Pizzas, Meats, and More - Simple and Easy Clean-up Kitchen Hearts BCK39520

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  • ABSOLUTELY NONSTICK: No more messy oils! 2 premium nonstick silicone baking mats for simple and easy baking
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Durable, flexible, and reusable baking mats that can be used and reused hundreds of times
  • SIMPLE & EASY TO CLEAN: Thanks to 100% food-safe silicone that is nonstick and simple to clean with soap and water
  • FREE EBOOK INCLUDED: Baking Mat Tips and Recipes (30 Delicious Recipes and Tips for Using Your Baking Mat)
  • VERSATILE AND HANDY: Use in the oven, toaster over, microwave, or freezer: Oven-safe up to 475 degrees F

Are you tired of baking goods that stick to your pans and cause a horrible mess?

Silicone can turn any pan into a nonstick surface for your cooking and baking needs!

2 Nonstick Silicone

-Half-sheet size (16.5 x 11.6 inches)

-Pizza mat size (9" diameter)

Premium Quality

All products are made with premium quality materials. These baking mats have a fiberglass core with a food-grade silicone coating. This allows the mats to be flexible and have a nonstick surface. BPA free. All materials are FDA and LFGB-approved.


These silicone baking mats are oven-safe up to 475 degrees F. They can be used in all types of ovens (except for direct-fire ovens), microwaves, or freezers.

Healthier Option That Saves Money

No more messy cooking oils, sprays, or parchment paper. Food simply does not stick to the surface of these baking mats. With all the money you save from oils, sprays, and parchment papers, the product basically pays for itself.

Versatile and Handy

Silicone baking mats can used over and over again. They can be used in ovens, freezers, and microwaves. (NOTE: Never cut or fold your silicone baking mat)

Simple and Easy Clean-up

Clean-up is quick and easy! Simply wash your baking mat with warm water and soap. Food debris should quickly and easily slide away.

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