Misting Fan, Mini USB Water Spray Desk Fan Humidifier Mist Rechargeable Portable Personal Cooling Mist Humidifier Fan Air (White)

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  • 3 Work Mode: Fan Mode + Misty Mode + Fan & Misty Mode. Great small fan, help we often keep the face or skin moist and refreshing at office, bedroom or outdoor.
  • Rechargeable: 1000mAh Li-ion Battery Inside Design,You Could Use it Anywhere and Anytime; Multi-Charging Methods, It Could Use the External Power Bank or the Computer USB Port or Common AC Adapter or Other DC 5V USB Power Supply.
  • Easy: Very easy to use only by 1 single button to switch between 3 different modes. This personal fan is designed with firm structure and heavy-duty material for long-time service.
  • Safe: Special soft fan blade, the humidifier fan uses PE material fan blade, soft not hurt the hand. The chassis uses four anti-slip mat, increase stability and firm.
  • Note: Products are recommended to use pure water or household tap water, boiling water is not available. Such as the mini fan spray is became dirty,it can be used when a small swab or paper towel dipped in water or alcohol gently wipe spray port.

Mini, cute, nice and generous,in line with the popularization human's hand design, soft lines, lightweight and easy to travel.
Cool, supplement water, in the hot summer,bring you not the same fresh and comfortable.
Not only summer, but also autumn you can use our water fan to supplement water.
Capacity: 0ML/hour
Size: 5 * 8 * .CM
Main Material: ABS material
Before using it, please put main switch to "on" condition, it is at back of product.
This product has three gears:When you touch the front "on and off" sensor, USB fan and humidifier will be work, spray mist second every seconds.Then it will stop after hours;When you touch it secondly, only humidifier will be work, it will spray seconds every seconds; When you touch it third, only fan fuction work.
Avoid using pure aroma oils into the water tank.Make sure use pure water only.Do not put the unit or the cap directly into water to wash.Children under the age of six are not allowed to use, lest the small parts do harm to children.

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