MEETFUN 10pcs Transparent Strong Adhesive Wall Hooks 22 lbs/10kg Heavy Duty Waterproof Reusable Seamless Sticky Hook for Bathroom Kitchen Wall & Ceiling (10)

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1.Package Quantity10


  • Pvc
  • Size: 6*6cm
  • Material: PVC + Stainless Steel
  • Load-bearing: About 22 lbs, long-term bearing weight suggest 15 lbs
  • Features: Waterproof, oil proof, dustproof. Needn't glue, firm and durable, can be repeated use. When you take it down, there's no glue mark left one the wall.
  • Applications: Very useful little tools for home, kitchen, bathroom etc.. Applies to any smooth surface, such as: glass, ceramic tile, plastic products, metal products, paint walls and wood products etc..

Material: PVC + Stainless Steel
Size: 6*6cm
Color: Transparent
Style: Sticky Hook
Load-bearing: About lbs, long-term bearing weight suggest 15 lbs
Package: 10pcs x Seamless Adhesive Hooks

How To Use:
1. Clean the surface of wall. Do keep dry before put the hook on.
2. Tear off the protective film on the back of the hook.
3. Press the basic of the hook to contact steady from middle to edge. Squeeze out air and make sure the basic of the hook contact with the wall totally.
. Test the hook by your hand. It's better to hold heavy things after 2 hours.

Remove & Repeated Use:
1. Use the hair dryer heating the hook, then peel off it slowly from the wall. No mask will left.
2. Wash clean it and dry with hair dryer.
3. Stick it in the same way on another place you want.

Warm Tips:
1. Do not hang over lbs weight of goods.
2. Do not with the high temperature, flame contacts.
3. Do not hang fragile, valuables avoid improper use of dangerous.
. Do not use it on the non smooth place, such as the cement wall, leather, cloth, wallpaper wall, calclum silicate plate etc..
5. In winter days if the temperature was very cold, you can use hair dryer heating the hook and wall surface before use.

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