Innocence Virgin Mary - Religious Wall Art Print Poster (8x10) Creaciones GM Hermanos S de RL MI

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  • Print High Resolution 250 dpi Litograph - Heavy paper 250 Gr/m2 - Acid Free
  • Mate Laminated /25 Microns-The mate laminate allows to clean it
  • Comes Ready to frame or Mat-Doesnt need glass
  • Masterpiece From Exclusives and Originals Arts
  • Exact Size: 200x250mm - Hot Stamping (Gold)

  • Artediseño is the best company  religious Art Print in the America Continent; by the Quality.
  • We have the newst finished and the great variety of images of exclusives original arts.
  • Artediseño, export to many countries of American and European continent:
  • Mexico, E.U.U, Canada, Central America, South American.
  • We have a extensive catalog of religious images., catholics and christian.
  • We have the most up to date machines (Roland stochastic point and 200 dpi) and the best finished materials (hot stamping, laminated films, e.t.c.)
  • We produce since 0mm x 70mm to 700mm x 1000mm.
  • Artediseño produces new and betters arts prints day by day.
  • We only desire  to offer excellent quality and quality.
  • here you can find the complete catalog.

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