Candellana Candles Candlefort Concrete Candle- Poly I- Golden Brown Scent: for Her

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  • Package includes one scented candle hand poured inside an in-house made concrete vessel. A great centerpiece to have at home to burn and appreciate- it will sure bring a cozy atmosphere among friends, family and guests. Plus, our Scents will make any room incredibly lovely when candle is burnt.
  • Scent “For Her” is inspired by World Famous Perfume Chanel Number 5, which includes notes of Jasmine, rose, patchouli, iris, ylang-ylang, bourbon vanilla, precious woods, and an aldehydic. Burns for 40 hours.
  • Our scents are designed through an all-natural ingredient laboratory in France who has a collaboration with excellent perfume brands and aromatherapy studios. Our concrete is designed and shaped through minimalistic processes in house in our studios in Poland and has multiple upcycle uses after the candle is burnt: storage, planting pot, money safe, you name it.
  • Made with all natural non-chemical renewable wax using a 100% cotton wick. Our candles are kid and pet-friendly because is completely paraffin-free and dye-free, so it burns cleaner than any candle you can find.
  • Carefully designed, hand poured and painted in Europe with extreme love and passion! We use 100 pct European raw materials. Please Read "Product Information" below for Precise Candle Size and Weight. Made in Europe.

Candle fort Concrete Candles are handcrafted in Europe by and for those passionate about memorable scent. With high grade natural wax locally sourced in Northern Europe, our candles create the cleanest burning medium and excellent level of fragrance yield. Cotton wicks are not only created using materials but they are pollution free as well. Scents are achieved using the finest boutique fragrance houses in France. Each candle is developed to maximize fragrance yield to the individual scent to create room filling yet not overpowering aroma. Finally Candle fort candles are hand poured in small concrete batches that present a beautiful gift pack that can be later used for planting or decorating, reducing waste in our environment.

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